Safe prescribing environment

Practice prescribing in safe environment with different scenarios provided by experts from University of Tartu

Practical reality based study

Real-life scenarios with patients with different symptoms, ages and variations

Provide feedback to students on their performance

Instructors can provide feedback on each prescription

Sclientific approach

Reality based and fully customizable approaches for prescribing different drugs

Expert Instructors

Existing scenarios for different diseases and prescriptions included

Learn from anywhere

Students can use the software individually or as a part of the lecture

Quality Service

A Google Docs scam that appears to be widespread began landing in Wednesday in what seemed to be a phishing attack.

Student eScript provides realistic learning platform

Student eScript gives students an opportunity to safely practice writing prescriptions for patients.


Different patients


Different drugs


Existing modules


Ways to customize

Possible applications

Pharma students

Help your pharmacy students assess prescriptions and patients and to identify and address problem prescriptions

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Medical students

This software was created to address the needs of modern medical students who will be using digital prescribing software when they graduate

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In order to improve knowledge about different diseases and appropriate prescribing

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You can actually customize the system for animal patients

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Flexible modification

Acquire the rights to the source code and develop the product according to your needs

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Request a demo to see the Student eScript in action

We will demonstrate you the system or provide access to our demo environment depending on your preference.

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Learning opportunities

“Case studies covering major illnesses, conditions, interactions and side effects. Fully modifiable.”


“Exemplar drugs from all major classes. Fully modifiable.”


“Fully adjustable to your needs and class requirements.”


“Drugs and patients are grouped into topics, convenient for class use. Fully modifiable.”



Can I create custom access?

Yes - Instructors can provide students with login-protected access. Students can access as many or as few cases and drugs as required by the instructor and course.

Can I include multimedia within case studies?

Yes - video and images can be added to cases to deepen the learning experience.

Does it have evaluation system?

The prescriptions can be corrected and scored and that instructors can provide feedback on each prescription.

Can I create custom patients and diseases?

All scenarios, diseases and patients are fully customizable.

Has it been used in learning environment?

Yes - Tartu University medical students are currently using the software.

How can I get access to the software?

Contact us and we will explain different approaches and licensing options.